Region 9 Sash Left at the Kamloops Residential School Memorial to Honour the 215 Lives Lost

The tragic news about the discovery of the 215 unmarked and unknown graves at the Kamloops Residential School has hit all Indigenous people hard.  It was not a surprise that these graves existed in Canada at the numerous Residential Schools across the country.

When Paul Gilpin, a Thames Bluewater citizen, reached out and said he was heading to Kamloops on a family trip and that he would be visiting the Kamloops Residential School,  Council donated a Region 9 sash for him to take and place at the memorial.  By placing the Region 9 sash at the memorial we hope that everyone will see that the Métis Nation stands in solidarity with the families of all the lost children, whether they are First Nations, Métis or Inuit, and honour their souls and their memories.

We must all work to educate those that need it about the true history of Canada to make sure that history does not repeat itself!