Statement by Métis Governments Regarding Litigation with MNC


July 26, 2021 – On July 20, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO), with the support of the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA), Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MNS), and Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC), appeared before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in its legal action against Clément Chartier.

While its decision will be issued next week, the Court supported the MNO in its positions and advised all members of the Métis National Council (MNC) Board of Governors that the Resolution in question passed by the MNC “did not suspend the MNO” from the MNC. With this ruling, it is clear that Mr. Chartier and the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) have been wrong to insist otherwise, a position which they have used to justify running the MNC without the input or supervision of 4 of the 5 Governing Members of the MNC since May 2019. Further to the court hearing, all members of the MNC Board of Governors will now work to propose a Special Sitting of the General Assembly of the MNC which shall be held as soon as practicable, including the long overdue election of a new MNC President.

Our governments appreciate the ruling of the court and its support for our arguments demanding good governance and transparency of the MNC. As we have all stated on many occasions, we will continue to stand up for our rights and interests as MNC Governing Members, and those of our citizens. We will continue to push for more transparency and change within the MNC, and we look forward to continuing to work together to serve the best interests of the entire Métis Nation, following our governing documents and the best of our democratic traditions.

In the interim, we remain concerned regarding continued public actions and comments taken by MNC leadership with no input, consultation or endorsement from 4 of the 5 Governing Members of the MNC, and the use of MNC resources in support of them. We believe these actions constitute a direct threat to the health and viability of the MNC, while disrespecting the governing documents that they swore oaths to obey and protect upon their election. Using MNC social media, web resources and staff to support actions that are directly aimed at undermining and weakening any governing member of the MNC is completely unacceptable. We deplore these actions taken by current MNC leadership which are not supported by our governments in any way, shape or form. These are selfish acts that only seek to further personal ambitions and consolidate power in a manner contrary to our proudest democratic traditions. They will only cause further division and damage to the Métis Nation as a whole.

We need to find a way forward and all of our governments remain committed to that goal. We continue to extend our hand to those on the other side, as our actions have demonstrated throughout this entire period.

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