By: Richard Cuddy, President of the MNO Credit River Métis Council

Two Rivers
Members of MNO Grand River Métis Council and MNO Credit River Métis Council participating in
Governance and Finance training. (left to right) Front row: Bridget Brown, Carol Levis, Karen
Derocher, Darlene Lent, Barbara Lair; Middle row: Glen Lipinski, Jennifer Parkinson, Joyce Tolles,
Jean-Marc Maheu, Richard Cuddy, Cora Bunn, Hank Rowlinson; Back: Bill Morrison, Ray Bergie,
David Neville and Don Crawford.

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Grand River Métis Council of Region Nine and the MNO Credit River Métis Council of Region Eight teamed up to participate in the MNO’s two-day Governance and Finance Training from March 9 -March 10 in Milton. The training was facilitated by Hank Rowlinson, MNO Manager of Community Relations and Glen Lipinski, MNO Consultation and Community Relations Coordinator.

The first day of training focused on Governance and began with an opening prayer led by Credit River Senator Ray Bergie. Rowlinson and Lipinski began with a “Métis 101” and facilitated participants’ navigation through many subjects covered in parliamentary procedures and meetings. The day ended by covering such topics as visioning, challenges, opportunities and planning for Councils.

On day two, Rowlinson and Lipinski concentrated on Finance and the New Relationship Fund. They delivered sessions focusing on policies, procedures, aspects of budgeting and general reporting. The day concluded with a closing prayer from Grand River Senator Carol Lévis.

During the two-day course, Rowlinson and Lipinski were able to successfully incorporate different strategies that kept the content interesting and lively. Sessions involved discussion, participation and group assignments.

The training was a great opportunity to bring new Councillors up to speed while providing a refresher course to others. It was also a great opportunity socialization and networking.

Attending from the Grand River Council were: President Cora Bunn, Senator Carol Lévis, Chair Jennifer Parkinson, Secretary Treasurer Barbra Lair, Women Representative Bridget Brown and Councillor Don Crawford. Attending from the Credit River Council were: President Richard Cuddy, Senator Ray Bergie, Chair Bill Morrison, Women Representative Karen Derocher, Treasurer Joyce Tolles, Councillor Darlene Lent, David Neville and Jean-Marc Maheu.

We learn and benefit immensely from each other when we cooperate and share our knowledge.