The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) was founded in 1993, making 2013 its 20th anniversary. To recognize and commemorate this landmark, the MNO produced a 48 minute documentary film telling the story of how the MNO was founded and its growth and achievements over two decades.

The Métis Nation of Ontario: 1993-2013 features interviews with some of the MNO’s founders and early leaders including Tony Belcourt, Gary Lipinski, Jean Teillet, Jason Madden, Louis Goulding, Senator Reta Gordon, France Picotte and many others as well as rare archival interviews with Steve Powley and Marion Larkman. The film features hundreds of photographs and rare video clips that show the amazing work of the MNO citizens who worked so hard to build the Métis Nation in Ontario.

The film describes the MNO’s beginnings and then relates the gripping tale of the “Hunt for Justice;” the 10 years of litigation that finally resulted in the historic victory for the Powley case in the Supreme Court of Canada. It explains how the MNO used its legal victories to convince the government that it was time for Ontario and the MNO to work together and how this led to many successes. In this film, viewers get an appreciation for the incredible work of MNO leaders, senators, veterans, women, and youth who built the Nation into the strong and vibrant Métis government that it is today. Finally the film looks to the bright future of the MNO as it provides opportunities for Métis youth to aspire to achieve their full potential.

After a well-received showing of an advance version of The Métis Nation of Ontario: 1993-2013 at the 2013 MNO Annual General Assembly, and the première of the final version at the Powley Anniversary Dinner during Louis Riel Day events in Toronto, DVD copies are now being provided all 29 of the MNO’s chartered community councils. The full movie is also available online and can be viewed from this page.

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