Métis Nation of Ontario Senators

Senators 2014
MNO Senators at the 2014 Annual General Assembly. (Left to right) Back row: Alis Kennedy, Eugene
Contant, Terry Bloom, Roland St. Germain, Al Roussin, Gary Laframboise, Robert Loyd, Brian
Gouliquer, Blair Sterling and Malcom Dixon. Middle: Robert Bird, John George, Norm Prevost, Carol
Levis, Romeo Sarrazin, Karen Cederwall, Brenda Powley, Doris Lanigan, Patricia Dryden and Lois
McCallum. Front: Cecile Wagar, Bob McKay, Rene Gravelle, Verna Porter-Brunelle, Joseph Poitras,
Reta Gordon, Olivine Tiedema, Audrey Vallee and Dora McInnis.

Senators have a special place in Métis culture, the Métis Nation of Ontario and in its governance structure. Highly respected for their knowledge, values, and experience.

Senators provide an elder’s presence at community events and meetings, and they help to keep Métis culture alive by sharing Métis traditions and ways of life. One Senator sits as a member of each Community Council and a total of four Senators, including one Executive Senator, sit on the PCMNO.

PCMNO Executive Senator

Reta Gordon

PCMNO Senators

Rene Gravelle

Verna Porter-Brunelle

Joseph Poitras

MNO Chartered Community Council Senators

MNO Atikokan and Area Métis Council – Senator Brian Gouliquer
MNO Chapleau Métis Council - Senator Micheline Boisvert
MNO Clear Waters Métis Council - Senator Doris Lanigan
MNO Credit River Métis Council - Senator Ray Bergie
MNO Georgian Bay Métis Council - Senator Dora McInnis
MNO Greenstone Métis Council - Senator Patsy Dryden
MNO Grand River Métis Council - Senator Carol Levis
MNO Great Lakes Métis Council – Senator Malcolm Dixon
MNO High Land Waters Métis Council - Senator Robert Lloyd
MNO Historic Sault Ste. Marie Métis Council - Senator Brenda Powley
MNO Kenora Métis Council - Senator Karen Cederwall
MNO Mattawa Métis Council - Senator Romeo Sarrazin
MNO Moon River Métis Council - Senator Larry Duval
MNO Niagara Region Métis Council - Senator Gary Laframboise
MNO North Bay Métis Council - Senator Marlene Greenwood
MNO North Channel Métis Council - Senator Blair Sterling
MNO Northern Lights Métis Council - Senator Eugene Contant
MNO Northwest Métis Council - Senator Alphonse Roussin
MNO Oshawa and Durham Métis Council - Senator Cecile Wagar
MNO Ottawa Métis Regional Council - Senator Lois McCallum
MNO Peterborough and District Wapiti Métis Council - Senator Terry Bloom
MNO Sudbury Métis Council -Senator Norm Prevost
MNO Sunset Country Métis Council - Interim Senator John George
MNO Superior North Shore Métis Council – Vacant
MNO Temiskaming Métis Council – Vacant
MNO Thunder Bay Métis Council – Senator Bob McKay
MNO Timmins Métis Council – Senator Len Rondeau
MNO Toronto-York Region Métis Council – Robert Bird
MNO Windsor-Essex Métis Council – Interim Senator Robert Leboeuf

Veterans Senator

Senator Dr. Alis Kennedy

Honourary Senators

Senator Gordon Calder
Senator Audrey Vallee
Senator Roland St.Germain
Senator Olivine Tiedema
Senator Ruth Wagner
Senator Gerry Bedford