The Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario (PCMNO)

The Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario (PCMNO) takes its direction from, and is required to report to its citizens or citizen representatives at Annual General Assemblies. The PCMNO is comprised of a five member Executive, nine Regional Councillors, four Senators, a Youth Representative and a Post-Secondary Representative. Women’s interests are represented by the Vice-Chair. The members of the PCMNO are elected through democratic ballot box elections and represent members of the Métis community across the province.

The role of the PCMNO is to assist in the decision-making process and determine priorities for the future. With province wide representation, the PCMNO offers a forum for debate and deliberation that helps to ensure the MNO will continue to grow as a unified nation of Métis people.


Gary Lipinski, President

GaryLipinskiPresident Lipinski hails from Fort Frances, Ontario where he was born, raised and still currently resides. His Métis roots go deep as his ancestors were part of the group of Métis who negotiated the "half-breed" adhesion to Treaty No.3. President Lipinski comes from a long line of Métis commercial fishermen and traditional resource users and continues today to practice the Métis traditional way of life. Learn more about President Lipinski.


France Picotte, Chair

FrancePicotteChair Picotte succeeded President Lipinski as chair of the MNO in 2008. She first became involved in Métis politics when she served as present of the MNO Timmins Métis Council and then later became PCMNO Vice-Chair. Chair Picotte is a strong woman and proud MNO citizen. She is fluent in Michif, English and French.


Sharon McBride, Vice-Chair

SharonMcBrideVice-Chair McBride has served as MNO Vice-Chair and spokesperson for the Métis Nation of Ontario Women's Secretariat (WSMNO) since 2008. She became actively involved in Métis politics in 1999 when she first learned of her Métis ancestry. She was founding president of the MNO Credit River Métis Council and has served as a PCMNO councillor for Region 8.


Tim Pile, Secretary-Treasurer

TimPileSecretary-Treasurer Pile has served on the PCMNO since 2001. As Secretary-Treasurer, he is Chair of the Finance Committee and he also serves as Provincial Secretary of Infinity Property Services. He was born in the Northwestern Ontario gold-mining town of Geraldton, but traces his Métis roots to Peace River, Alberta.


Senator Reta Gordon, Executive

RetaGordonSenator Gordon was a founding member of the MNO and has been actively sharing Métis culture since 1993. She became the Senator for the MNO Ottawa Métis Council in 1999 and was elected PCMNO Executive Senator in 2002. Over the past 17 years, Senator Gordon has represented the MNO at hundreds of gatherings and events. Senator Gordon is very proud of her Métis culture and is always open to sharing her knowledge with audiences young and old.




Senator Rene Gravelle


Senator Verna


Senator Joseph Poitras

Regional Councillors


Theresa Stenlund, Councillor - Region 1


Cam Burgess, Councillor – Region 2


Marcel Lafrance, Councillor – Region 3

Ernest Gatien

Ernest Gatien, Councillor - Region 4


Juliette Denis, Councillor - Region 5


Tom Thompson Jr. , Councillor – Region 6


Pauline Saulnier, Councillor - Region 7


Anita Tucker, Councillor - Region 8


Peter Rivers, Councillor - Region 9



Jennifer Henry, Post-Secondary Representative


Mitchell Case, Youth Representative


Mailing Address:

500 Old St. Patrick Street, Unit D
Ottawa, ON K1N 9G4
Phone: 613-798-1488
Toll Free: 1-800-263-4889
Fax: 613-722-4225

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