IEC representatives are at the core of Indigenous Education Council (IEC) work. They are volunteers who represent their local Community Council on an IEC. They attend IEC meetings and contribute to ongoing discussions at District School Boards and Colleges/Universities.

If you are interested in becoming an IEC representative, please fill out the application linked below. Note that you have to be a verified MNO citizen in order to serve as an IEC representative. Once complete, this application will be shared with the Community Council in your area. If the local Community Council has IEC representative vacancies and is interested in having you take on that role, you will be contacted. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Please note: you are strongly encouraged to attend one of our IEC Information Sessions before applying to become an IEC representative.

To access the application, one will need to login or sign-up with SM Apply (it is free to create an account, and MNO uses this platform for many applications).