The MNO strives to support the efforts of citizens and communities to reclaim, revitalize, maintain, and strengthen Métis languages in Ontario.

We know that Michif is the language of the Métis people. Like most Indigenous languages the number of Michif speakers declined due to the colonization process that attempted to stamp out the use of languages other than English and French in Canada. Thankfully, efforts are now underway to preserve the Michif language and introduce it to Métis youth and a new generation of speakers. Through our programs offered, the MNO will:

• Provide opportunities and supports for Métis Citizens and communities to access resources to deliver activities that incorporate Métis language dialects in Ontario
• Provide opportunities for Métis Citizens and communities to engage in activities that strengthen Métis language dialects in Ontario
• Provide opportunities for Métis Citizens and communities to share their language with other Canadians

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Translation Inquiry FAQ

There is a large variety of items that can be translated. Any print materials (including books, reports, magazine articles, maps, brochures, posters etc.) as well as audio visual materials like CDs, DVD, radio and TV broadcasts can be translated. 

Translation requests can be made by filling out the Métis Languages Translation Request Form. (See Learning Resources below)

Translations can be requested in a number of Michif dialects. This includes Michif, Michif Cree, Bungi, English Michif, Gaelic-Scottish-Orkney, and Michif Brayet/French Ojibwa-Saulteaux.

Translation requests are $50.00 for the first 15 words (about 3 sentences) and $1.00 for each additional word. Larger and special projects may require a quote.

The process for a translation request can take 6-8 weeks to process, depending on the size of the request. Please note that larger projects may take more time.

Learning Resources