Have questions about the MNO’s Post-Secondary Education supports and programs?  Please see the list below for MNO Post-Secondary Education staff contact information. For general information and inquiries about the MNO’s Post-Secondary Education Programs please contact us by email at psesupport@metisnation.org 

Program Contacts

Simon Sutherland
Education & Training Manager 
Phone: 705-644-3681
Email: simons@metisnation.org 

Heather Cargill
Post-Secondary Education Navigator
Phone: 905-490-0574
Email: heatherc@metisnation.org 

Shane Lambert
Student Support Officer
Phone: 613-720-0578
Email: shanel@metisnation.org

Bette Belanger
Student Support Officer
Phone: 613-402-2178
Email: betteb@metisnation.org



The following resources have been compiled by the MNO’s Post-Secondary Education Team to provide additional tools to aspiring, transitioning, and current Post Secondary Education students.

Updated: August 20, 2021